Terra Linda Elementary Reflections


“The World Would Be A Better Place If …”

What is “Reflections”?

Reflections is a national PTA cultural arts program.  Students may submit entries that are related to this year’s theme, “The World Would Be A Better Place If…”.


The categories are:             Musical Composition                        Visual Arts                             Literature

                                           Dance Choreography                       Film Production                   Photography

                                           3-Dimensional Artwork


All entries must be original and the student’s own ideas and work.   A student may submit an entry in each category.  There are guidelines to enter each category.  These guidelines are very specific and crucial for presentation and judging. Please read the guidelines, found on the PTA blog or in the office, before creating your entry.


How Do I Enter My Child in the Reflections Program?

Go to the FORMS page to find and print the required forms, and the category rules pages.

Each student/parent must fill out and sign a Student Entry Form and an Arts Category Form (ie: Music Composition) that has the Artist Statement and required information.

Each entry requires a separate entry form.  A consent form is required if the student uses an image of another person in their entry (ie: Film Production, Dance Choreography).  Please see Consent Form Guidelines on page 2 of the Consent Form for more information.

You can also go to Utah PTA website at for more information.


When is My Child’s Entry Due?

All Reflections entries are due by October 24th.  We will be available to receive your child’s entry in the morning of October 24th.  We will have volunteers in the conference room of the school to receive your child’s work and quickly review the accompanying forms.  Entries may be turned in before the due date to the front office.


What is the Judging Process?

All entries will be anonymously judged by volunteers who specialize in the category(ies) that they are judging.


How Will My Child be Awarded?

We will have a Reflections award ceremony in December (more information to come) at Terra Linda Elementary to honor all participants and winners.  If your child is one of the top selected in his/her category, then their entry will be forwarded to the Council Reflections to be judged.


Will My Child’s Work be Returned to Me?

Your child’s work will be returned after the awards ceremony to their teacher.  However, if your child moves on to council, their artwork will be returned after the Council awards night.


We look forward to a wonderful year of Reflections at Terra Linda Elementary!


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