PTA Meeting Minutes

 Terra Linda Elementary PTA

Meeting Minutes

Date: November 27, 2017

Next Meeting: January 22, 2018

  1. Welcome by April Ellis
    1. Approval of previous meeting minutes:  Motioned by Robyn Peterson, seconded by Jen McIllece
  2. Old Business
    1. Hearing screening went very well, had enough volunteers
    2. Math Night went pretty well, may change name to Family Game Night next year to generate more interest
    3. Halloween Parade seemed good outside, need to improve the music to be able to be heard throughout all the parents, maybe have a sign at the beginning of each grade so parents know where we are at
    4. Reflections had 13 entries, 11 of whom are going on to council
    5. The book fair went amazing!
      1. Made about $2600 with just the cash, about $4000 in scholastic dollars
      2. Kiva was a bit tight at times, but was set up very well
      3. Have teachers do previews on their own in 15 minute time slots
      4. Spring book fair will be in library, set up taking place after school Thursday, March 9th
      5. Volunteers will be needed for selling times
      6. May try an Usborne book sale as well during back to school night or reading night
  3. Principal’s Report
    1. Troll patrol
      1. Focus more on how it ties into the Leader in Me program and the 7 habits
  4. Treasurer’s Report
    1. T-shirts: $400 out, $650 in.  end total: $7,784.62
  5. President’s Report
    1. Nominating committee needs to be in place by December 31, ideas on who?
    2. Teacher Appreciation Week
      1. Committee in place for this, the teachers really liked the gift cards and Texas Roadhouse lunch, did not like the massages very much (will not do again)
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Santa
      1. He will be here at 7:45, bringing backdrop with him
      2. Put flyers in teacher boxes Friday before so can send with kids Monday
      3. Make sure flyer says siblings are okay and to bring own camera
    2. Beach Night
      1. Syrina Starr is in charge of it, going well as far as we know
  7. Calendar items
    1. No PTA meeting in December
    2. December 21: Santa Visit 8:00 – 8:45 am
    3. January 18: Beach Night
  8. Dismissal: Motioned by Cassie Green, seconded by Robyn Peterson


Terra Linda Elementary PTA

Meeting minutes

Date: October 23, 2017

Next Meeting: October 23, 2017

1. Welcome by President April Ellis
  • Approval of previous meeting minutes: Motioned by Jessica Edwards, seconded by Jen McIllece
2. Old Business
  • Red Ribbon went well

1. Extra things will be in the PTA closet

2. Did it during a shorter week to accommodate budget and volunteers to run

3. Ideas for future: crazy hair, socks, hats, heroes (super and community),


3. Principal’s Report
  • Parking lot solutions: Traffic engineer for the district is looking into it and making a proposal
  • Halloween Parade
          1. Not working to open the school to anyone who walks in – parade will be outside
               to fix this
          2. Parking will be available in the back lot starting at 9:15 am
          3. Parade will begin inside at 9:45, starting outside at 10
          4. Any adult staying must go through the front door and sign in
          5. If weather is bad, will be held in the gym/cafeteria and adults may only enter and
              exit through the side doors to this room
  • Walmart has donated hygiene bags, will use for maturation day, Clarisse Broschinsky is running this
  • Reading Date
          1. The programs being used this year are very different than last year, but much
              more accurate
          2. K-3 using Fontis and Pinnell, Dibels, and I ready
          3. 3rd grade also uses SRI
          4. 4-6 using Fontis and Pinnell, Benchmarks, and SRI
          5. Progress monitoring is happening on a regular basis, and the data is available to
              parents at anytime
4. Treasurer’s Report
  • Came in: $676 from t-shirts, $95 memberships = $771 – $10,189 total
  • Went out: Kindergarten kick off, insurance, PTA dues = $560.81 out
  • Now at $9,628
5. President’s Report
  • Menchies donated a free yogurt to all reflections entries
  • Ice cream coupons for kids as they move up a reading level
  • Arctic circle ice vouchers for Halloween
  • Teacher appreciations day
          1. Looking for more volunteers
          2. Jen and Robin are doing food
          3. April made a google doc for teacher input (What do you like, don’t like, etc.)
6. Committee reports
  • Book Fair
          1. In Kiva this year
          2. Set – up on November 1 from 3:30–5:00
          3. Class previews on November 2, 6, 7, 8
          4. Jen will talk to Joel about moving things out and bringing in tables
  • T-shirts
          1. No updates, all going well
  • Reflections
          1. Had 13 participants
          2. Ever entry received a prize, let them know individually who moves on
          3. Can we begin promoting earlier next year?
          4. Tie reflections into the 5th grade Young American Award?
  • Box Tops
          1. Going well, contest is by grades now
          2. Contest will be by class for November–February
          3. By student March–end of year
7. Calendar
  • 10/26–Hearing Screening
  • 10/26–Math Night 6:30–7:30
  • 10/31–Halloween Parade at 10am
  • 11/3–No School
  • 11/6-9–Book fair in Kiva
  • 11/8-9–Parent Teacher Conferences
  • 11/22-24–Thanksgiving break
  • 11/27–PTA meeting at 12 noon
  • 12/21–Santa Visit 8:00–8:45
  • No PTA meeting in December
8. Dismissal: Next PTA meeting November 27, 2017
          1. motioned to dismiss – Cassie Green
          2. Seconded – Robyn Peterson

Terra Linda Elementary PTAst year,

Meeting minutes

Date: September 25, 2017

Next Meeting: October 23, 2017

1. Welcome by President April Ellis

  • A. Approval of previous meeting minutes: Motioned by Jen McIllece, seconded by Syrina Starr

2. Old Business

  • A. Back to School night: went very well!
  • B. Kindergarten Kick-off: Went better than last year, worked well to sell spirit wear out front
  • C. Terra Linda Birthday Celebration: Went well, very large turnout, possibly turn it into an annual celebration?
  • D. Room Mothers Tea: Every grade had at least one parent show up, so successful!

3. Principals Report

  • A. Parking lot Concerns
    • 1. 80-100 cars come through our pickup line every day
    • 2. Students are running across parking lot (without using crosswalk) to their parents who are calling to them.
    • 3. Brainstorm solutions

4. Treasurers Report

  • A. Currently at $7,418
  • B. Box top check should come mid-November to December

5. Presidents Report

  • A. PTA board directory has been shared via Google do
  • B. Reading Kick-off is currently in our budget, but we may not need to pay it. School Council Committee will let us know
  • C. Macey’s School Cents: Anyone can link their rewards card to Terra Linda on the website. We receive 1% spent once $500 minimum for the year is reached
  • D. PTA meeting minutes will know be posted to the website

6. Committee Reports

  • A. T-Shirts sales are going well, order sheets that went home due be Friday, Sept. 29
  • B. Red Ribbon Week planning is going well, no additional help needed at this time
  • C. Reflections kick-off Assembly October 6th, will be handled the same as last year
  • D. Memberships: Had 2 more turned in this meeting, total at 47 members, 15 faculty

7. Calendar:

  • 10/6: Reflections Kick-Off
  • 10/12: Math Night (Was postponed after this meeting until 11/2)
  • 10/13: Reflections due
  • 10/16-18: Ribbon Ween
  • 10/19-20: Fall Break
  • 10/23: PTA meeting at 12pm
  • 10/26: Hearing Screening 9am-12pm (5 volunteers needed) 12:30pm-2pm (4 volunteers needed)
  • 10/31: Halloween
  • 11/3: No School
  • 11/6-9: Book Fair in Kiva, 8-9 Parent teacher conferences
  • 11/10: No School
  • 11/7-10: Reflections entries due to council
  • 11/14: Council PTA meeting 1:30pm at Riverside
  • 11/22-24: Thanksgiving Break
  • 11/27: PTA meeting at 12pm

8. Dismissal

  • A. Next meeting October 23, 2017
  • B. Motion to dismiss by Cassie Green, Seconded by Jen McIllece