Reflection Forms


Each student/parent must fill out and sign a Student Entry Form and an Arts Category Form (ie: Music Composition) that has the Artist Statement and required information.


Additional Form:

Consent Form  is needed if the student creating the art asks other students to be a part of their entry (ie: Film Production, Dance Choreography).  Please see Consent Form Guidelines on page 2 of the Consent Form for more information.

Special Artist Rules 14-15 The Special Artist Division offers modified rules and guidelines to ensure that every student has the chance to be part of the National PTA Reflections program. Click on the link for more details.

2016-17 Theme Search Form  Use this form to submit your idea for the 2016-17 Reflections theme. See form for details and deadline.


Student Entry Form 14-15   Click here to print out an entry form for each entry. Please make sure it is filled out completely and has all needed signatures. Then print the form below for the correct category.

Click on the link to open and print the PDF of the Form for your category. Include this along with your Student Entry Form.

3-Dimensional Artwork Form 14-15

Dance Choreography Form 14-15

Film Production Form 14-15

Literature Form 14-15

Music Composition Form 14-15

Photography Form 14-15

Visual Arts Form 14-15



General Participation Rules 14-15

Click on the link to open and print the PDF containing the guidelines for each category.

Make sure to read the guidelines carefully, they are sometimes quite specific.

3-Dimensional Artwork Rules 14-15

Dance Choreography Rules 14-15

Film Production Rules 14-15

Literature Rules 14-15

Music Composition Rules 14-15

Photography Rules 14-15

Visual Arts Rules 14-15


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