October Meeting Minutes

Terra Linda PTA Meeting Minutes

October 5, 2018

Terra Linda Conference Room

  1. Welcome by President April Ellis
  2. Old Business
    1. Still need a legislative liaison for PTA board
    2. Fall festival was a huge success!
  3. Open Positions for PTA board
    1. Legislative liaison
    2. President elect
    3. Public relations
  4. Principals Message
    1. Halloween Parade
      1. will be outside, weather dependent at 10am
      2. If raining, parade will be in the gym, north doors only open
      3. All parties need to be done by lunch
      4. Parents may park in back starting at 9:15
    2. Secondary evacuation
      1. Will take place on 10/12/18
      2. will have crossing guards and police assist in safety
    3. Go-kits
      1. Need to go through and update
      2. switch from the buckets to backpacks for easier carrying
      3. Possible have a small comfort item for each student
        1. Maybe Jordan Education Fund can help
  5. Presidents Message
    1. Boundary changes, please go on and do the survey, all comments will be read
      1. For Terra Linda, option A would keep our student count about the same
      2. Option B would increase our student count by roughly 140 students
      3. The district will take input from survey and create an option C
    2. Utah PTA has taken a set position on voting propositions coming up
      1. Question 1 is a yes
      2. Opposed to proposition 2 based on the wording
      3. Chic-fil-A night October 25, 5:30-7:30 p.m., proceeds will go to the PTA
      4. Next PTA council meeting is November 29, 9:30 a.m.
  6. Treasurers Report
    1. Current balance: $6,691
    2. Received $447 from shirt sales
    3. Received $3,000 from grants
  7.  Commission Reports
    1. Red Ribbon  Week
      1. 10/22 – 10/25
      2. White ribbon – internet safety
      3. Green ribbon – travel and pedestrian safety
      4. Purple ribbon – anti-violence and bullying
      5. Red ribbon – anti-drug
    2. Reflections
      1. No entries turned in yet
      2. Entries due by 10/12
      3. Will not accept any entries past 10/17
    3. Vision screening coming up
      1. 10/19
      2. need volunteers for the 9-noon times
    4. Box tops
      1. Send them in, labeled with the teacher name
    5. SEP meals
      1. 11/7 and 8
  8. Calendar items
    1. 10/9 vision screening
    2. 10/11 district meet the candidates night
    3. 10/18-19 Fall break
    4. 10/22-25 Ribbon week
    5. 10/25 Chic-Fil-A night
    6. 10/26 No school for students
    7. 10/31 Halloween Parade
  9. Dismissal
    1. Motioned by Jessica Edwards
    2. Seconded by Alyce Stemmons

September Meeting Minutes

Terra Linda PTA Meeting Minutes

September 7, 2018

Terra Linda Conference Room

In attendance: Karen Gorringe, Amy Arnold, April Ellis, Jessica Edwards, Robyn Gardner, Alyce Stemmons, Robin Peterson, Syrina Starr, Jen McIlece, Stacie Larson

  1. Welcome at 12:00pm by April Ellis
  2. Old business: Back to school night was a success. PTA membership numbers are up. Kindergarten kick off went well and Karen heard many positive comments about it.
  3. Open Positions: President-elect, Public Relations, Legislative Liaison. Syrina has someone who might be interested in legislative liaison, she’ll ask.
  4. Principal’s message: 7 Elite Academy (formerly Forza soccer) is our secondary evacuation site. On October 12 at 9:15 we’ll be having a practice evacuation. Stride classes will leave first. All students will walk to the Academy. Any parents who can are asked to come help along the route to keep students out of the street. There will also be a police officer to help as well. PTA doesn’t need to find volunteers, just come if you can. Also, PTA needs to give the school the grant for field trips. Alyce took care of this at the end of the meeting.
  5. President’s message: State PTA sponsors an essay contest in conjunction with the Veteran’s Day concert. April will get this information to Karen.
  6. Treasurer Report: Current balance is: 9244.
  7. Commission Reports
    1. Reflections: Due on October 12, but we’ll still accept entries until fall break. Amy will try to get a table with information set out at Fall Festival. April recommended watching Utah student’s film entry by Porter Christensen, he won a national reflections award with it. Mrs. Gardner will continue to promote reflections in art class. April passed on the reminder about avoiding copyright issues, no superheroes.
    2. Room Mother’s Meeting: Robyn has it set up and flyers sent home. There was discussion about moving Halloween celebrations to the short day the week before. Ultimately it was decided that Halloween celebrations will remain on Halloween, but the parade and all parties need to be done by 11 and the rest of the day will proceed as usual. Same with Valentine’s parties. Robyn also said that she’ll be out of town for November SEP conferences and needs help with the teacher meals. She’ll order them beforehand, just needs someone to pick them up and set them out. Karen wondered if Ms. Curtis and Mrs. Gardner could help with that. April also said she could help.
    3. Fall Festival: September 20 from 6-8. Multiple activities will be taking place, Usborne will be setting up in the gym by the stage, we’ll also be selling shirts.
    4. Hearing and vision screenings coming up: October 2 and 9. Shelly will be getting volunteers but anyone who can help with either of those, please let her know.
    5. Box tops: The contest will be by class until December, but Syrina will be sending what she has by the November 1 deadline. From December till March the contest will be by student (siblings will count as one), and by grade until the end of school. Syrina could use one person to help with the online side of box tops.
  8. Calendar items: Next meeting on October 5 at noon, dismissed at 1:30.

PTA Meeting Minutes

Terra Linda Elementary PTA

Date: August 9, 2018

Next Meeting: September 7, 2018

  1. Welcome by April Ellis
  2. Principal’s Message
    1. Implementing the 7 Learner Qualities
      1. Introduce the program in September, focus on one quality each month after
      2. Will align with the existing programs of the 7 habits and Troll Patrol
      3. Inform parents that these are to help enhance learning and social skills
      4. When first implemented for last half of previous school year, it significantly suspensions
      5. Encourage all parents to implement the lesson on the newsletter each month into their homes
    2. Safety and Security
      1. The school board has added $1,000,000 to enhance safety
        1. This included all teachers attending a full-day training on “avoid, deny, defend” process in case of emergency
        2. Enhanced first-aid materials in every classroom
        3. Additional training for support staff within the school
      2. Working to put a barrier in the parking lot to help cut down on children crossing in places other than the crosswalk
    3. Open Board Positions
      1. President Elect, Public Relations, and Legislative Liason
    4. President’s Message
      1. Encourage to join Macey’s School Cents, must re-enroll in program each year
      2. Join the PTA
      3. All board members have a folder with contact list and calendar
      4. Chic-fil-a night with be october 25
        1. Need 4 volunteers, Mrs. Gorringe will see about teacher volunteers
      5. Possible in-n-out night in the spring
      6. There will be a classic skate night in January, and in May
      7. If anyone needs an IRS determination letter for PTA, contact April Ellis
    5. Treasurer Report
      1. Carried Forward from 2017-2018 school year: $10,902.99
      2. Total projected income (including carry over): $27,202.99
      3. Total projected expenses: $18,540.00
      4. Total projected carry over for 2018-2019 school year: $8,662.99
      5. Budget approved by:
        1. Motioned for approval by Robyn Peterson
        2. Seconded by Jen McIllece
        3. Carried by: Cassandra Green, April Ellis, Alyce Stemmons, Kara Hill, Robyn Gardner, Erin Gotay, Dorrelyn Smith, Melanie Nixon, and Amy Arnold
    6. Committee Reports
      1. T-shirts
        1. T-shirts and sweatshirts are in, ready to sell at back to school night
      2. Reflections
        1. Theme this year is “Heroes Around Me”
        2. No big kick-off assembly
        3. Entry papers will be in the art room, Mrs. Gardner will introduce the entry categories and theme during art rotations
        4. Reflections chair person will determine due date
        5. Possibly get donations for those that do enter, maybe something for the class with the most entries
    7. Back to school night
      1. Begins at 6:00p.m.
      2. Anyone available will meet at the school at 5:00p.m. to set up PTA table
    8. Upcoming events
      1. Back to school night August 21, 2018
      2. Room Mothers Meeting September 14, 2018
      3. Birthday Wagon September 7, 2018
      4. Fall Festival September 20, 2018
        1. Usbourne books will be available for purchase at Fall Festival
    9. PTA Meetings for this school year will be on the 1st Friday of each month at 12:00p.m.
    10. Dismissal: Motioned by Cassandra Green, Seconded by Robyn Peterson