Last Week to Finish K-8 Intro to Computer Science Program – and Earn Rewards

We have 20 students that have completed the K-8 Intro to Computer Science program, and we applaud their dedication and hard work.  We now need at least 10 more students to finish to have a chance at a second $1000 reward for our school- the deadline for this is JUNE 15th.

If your student is currently working on the program, we’d like to see them finish this week if possible.  If they aren’t already, they need to be using the teacher code URTNBK. (Mrs. Matthews) THIS IS CRITICAL FOR THE REWARD

If they have a different teacher listed on their -my progress- page, simply click Remove teacher, and then ADD teacher, and enter this code.

The school computer lab will be open on Wednesday, June11th, from 9:30 to 11:30 to help those who would like to FINISH the program.  You need to have already COMPLETED the first 12 STAGES in order to join us for this completion party.

We invite ALL THOSE WHO HAVE COMPLETED the program to come help those that haven’t.

We will have pizza after for everyone that participates. We will be done by 12:00 pm.

If you have questions, contact Mrs. Wight.


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