There’s still time to earn $1000 for our school!

Since January we have had over 100 students sign up to participate in the K-8 Intro to Computer Science course at

Students who completed the course, were able to win prizes for themselves, and work toward winning $1000 for our school. In order to receive the $1000 for classroom supplies, we need to have at least 15 students complete the program.

We have 8 students that have completed the program, and we applaud their dedication and hard work.  We need at least 7 more students to finish – and we are hoping to have them finish before school ends, if possible.

If your student is close to finishing, we’d like to see him/her try to finish this week if possible.  If they aren’t already, they need to be using the teacher code GUSKRT. (Mrs. Williams) If they have a different teacher listed on their -my account- page, simply click Remove teacher, and then ADD teacher, and enter this code.  (We started out with high hopes that we could have 45 students finish – but now are just hoping for ONE group of fifteen.)

If your student has forgotten their username or password, or needs any other assistance, you can contact Mrs. Wight, our computer lab aid, for help.  Also if your student would like to get help before school in the computer lab this week, contact Mrs. Wight to make arrangements.


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