Go Beyond the Hour of Code

It’s not too late for your student to go BEYOND the Hour of Code…

Encourage them to join us in completing the K-8 Intro to Computer Science course at code.org

More information can be found on the Terra Linda website, CLICK HERE.

Students that complete the course quickly may win prizes from code.org – and if enough students finish quickly we could earn money for classroom supplies at our school!

We can potentially earn 1000’s of  dollars for our school – but we need YOUR HELP.  For each group of 15 or more students(7 must be girls) that finish the K-8 Intro to Computer Science course, the teacher will receive a $1000 credit to donors.choose.org to use for grade level supplies.  This is only available to the FIRST 1000 teachers whose students complete the course.  If your student(s) have some extra time this week, sign them up and get them started. It’s FUN, EDUCATIONAL, and could really PAY OFF for our school!

We have nearly 90 students signed up! However just 5 students have finished, and only about 25 have worked on it at all in the last week. There is still time to earn money for our school, but we need 30 students to finish quickly! If your student is currently signed up with Ms. Newbold’s class – we’d like to move them to one of the other groups to increase our chances of having 15 finish in each group. You can click the remove a teacher link on the progress page; and then add a teacher (use a teacher code from the TL website). Contact Mrs. Wight if you need help doing this.  Also the computer lab continues to be open before school at 8:00 am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays through February.



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